We do emergency dental servicesPlease contact Verma Cosmetic & Family Dentistry for top-quality care for patients with urgent and emergent needs. From toothaches and cracked teeth to abscesses and traumatic injuries, we offer the most appropriate care for immediate relief to patients from Dallas and surrounding areas.

What conditions are considered dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies can include any issue that requires immediate or prompt attention to relieve pain and other symptoms while preventing more extensive damage from occurring. Some common examples of dental emergencies include toothaches, swollen gums, abscesses and other painful infections, cracked or broken teeth, damaged or lost dentures or bridges, loose implants, lost or damaged fillings or crowns, or traumatic injuries like having a tooth knocked out. Soft tissue damage and issues affecting the way the jaws operate are also dental emergencies. An emergency dentist is skilled in assessing and treating these and other issues, and patients should always call the office immediately if an issue arises that requires prompt care.